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The number one way that we’ve benefited from Everase is because of the number of computers we have in this school, there’s significantly less chalk dust in our classrooms.

Dr. William J. McCusker - President
Cardinal O’Hara High School, Springfield, PA

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The teachers are very happy with the product that we’ve chosen. They enjoy the cleaner look, the brightness in the room,and the fact that it works well with the interactive boards that we have.

Rich Chiappa - PC Technician
Wilson Area School District, Easton, PA

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Most of the positive feedback has come from the students. Some students had allergies, so they didn’t like to inhale the chalk dust or feel the residue on their hands. Now they actually want to come up and participate. I like that Everase is not just a writing surface but doubles as a projector screen.

Turika Pulliam - Physical Science and Chemistry Teacher
Olney West High School, Philadelphia, PA

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After several years, our boards have remained in good condition. There’s been no ghosting; great visibility and the boards have brightened up our classrooms.

Mike Walls - IT Director
Archbishop Wood High School, Warminster, PA.

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Everase white boards have led to savings in both cost and time for our maintenance department. The students and faculty maintain the boards themselves. It’s easy for us.

Ken Smith - Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
Daniel Boone Area School District, Birdsboro, PA