Dry Erase. Reinvented.

  • Highest Quality, Lasting Performance

    Everase has developed a proprietary, technically advanced dry erase surface. Effortless cleaning with just a cloth or eraser. No “ghosting” or any residual marker ink left behind. Allows for vivid, colorful presentations instead of dull black & white. Long lasting durability is assured because of built-in stain, scratch and chemical resistant properties. Looks and performs like new, year after year.

  • Protect Your Technology Investments

    Given the sizeable expenditures in Interactive Boards being installed in classrooms, Everase Whiteboard solutions help to protect those investments, by eliminating chalk dust that could otherwise threaten your computer hardware. Compatible with all brands of IWB’s, Everase simply wipes clean using a microfiber cloth or felt eraser without the need for water or an expensive whiteboard cleaner.

  • Eliminate the Perils of Chalk Dust

    The movement to eliminate chalk dust from classrooms has never been more compelling. This annoying by-product of teaching on chalkboards is a known airborne asthma trigger, and one out of ten school-age children suffer from asthma. Disliked by teachers and students as well as a constant burden on the Maintenance Dept. that has to routinely wash these boards.

  • Resurface Rather Than Replace

    Pioneered by Everase, our conversion process is your quickest, easiest and most affordable solution to transform your old chalkboards.. Avoids all of the downside of board removal/disposal costs and landfill issues. Also eliminates any potential risk/liability of asbestos exposure and abatement from old mastic that might be present behind your existing boards.

  • Benefits the Environment

    Stop depleting natural resources and adding to the landfill burden by constantly using paper for short term communications that are either temporary or constantly changing. You have an option. Simply Wipe Away instead of Throw Away when the information involved is “quick usage.” By comparison, Everase Whiteboards can be used and reused for years to come.

  • Proudly Made in the USA

    Everase is manufactured and inventoried in their own plant located in Warminster, PA (Bucks County just North of Philadelphia). With over twenty years of manufacturing expertise, Everase warrants their products for ten years, against manufacturing defects and that it will not lose its original erasability properties under normal use and service.